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I can’t recommend Micheal’s web development course highly enough. He goes through the technical side of web development in great detail with constant interactive exercises to ensure it is never dull. He was extremely helpful with any level of question and very approachable. I came out of the course with a thorough understanding of the principles and have since gone on to form my own web development company

Anthea Middleton

Did a WordPress course with educated machine. While there was a mix of abilities in the room everyone was catered for. Michael has a great delivery style, friendly & engaging. He manages to make the information accessible & relevant with lots of real life examples. Would highly recommend them, great team.


Rose Barrett

Get west

We are a small family run business and we employed Micheal to set up a website for us.We found him to be so helpful and knowledgeable in helping us set up this site. His attention to detail and advice were second to none. Our site is up and running for several months now and Micheals aftersales service has been excellent. We would highly recommend Micheal.

Liam & Caroline Whelan

A Room Outside


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  • We asked our 16 year old intern Veda to give companies a better insight of how Instagram works coming from someone within the slightly younger generation. We hope you will find it useful as they are truly great tips!   What 16 year olds can teach you about Instagram! from Magdalena Przybylowska  

  • For the first time in a long time, the Educated Machine team went on an out of office adventure. One of the great things about living in the West of Ireland is that once you escape the, admittedly modest, cities like Limerick and Galway there are miles upon miles of countryside packed with interesting features to explore. They certainly make a nice break fro

  • I have a confession to make; I used to be a perfectionist. Being a Perfectionist may seem like a positive trait to a casual observer but in my experience chasing perfection can act damage your mental health if you allow it to get out of control. Instead of feeling like you and your work are perfect it usually ends with you constantly questioning yourself in

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