#3 – The Humans Are Dead Pt1


#3 – The Humans Are Dead Pt1

In this week’s episode we discuss whether the human race is doomed, the industrial revolution, the rise of the ATM, the decline of farmers, the o-ring principle, the universal basic income, whether airplanes should be flying themselves, dethroning God, the Messiah in the Facebook feed, and how automation is going to change how you work.


* Will automation take away all our jobs? (
* A Plan in Case Robots Take the Jobs: Give Everyone a Paycheck (
* The Future of Work (
* The Quality of Life Changes during the Industrial Revolution (
* Your Lawyer may soon be an algorithm (
* Zeitgeist Film (
* Rogers Commission Report (
* Feynman’s Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttle (
* Should Aeroplanes fly themselves (
* Tilly Smith (
* Facts about the 2004 Tsunami (
* Singularity (

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