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Educated Machine – About Us

Howdy! We are Educated Machine and we specialise in app and web development as well as the maintenance of WordPress sites. Our fantastic Galway-based team will take your business or blog from an idea to a polished and finished product.

Educated Machine also provides a hands-on approach to the learning of different web development skills. We believe that you deserve to have the skills to build and control your own website. Whether you are setting up online as a business or starting your own blog, we will teach you what you need to know to optimize your results. We provide courses in WordPress development and design as well as app and website development.

Our team have a wide and varied background in the fields of education, engineering, technology and marketing. For that reason all of our courses are developed with a unique learning approach. We believe that the best way of learning is by doing, so our courses will have you coding and blogging by the end of your first day. Since we also work in the field of web and app development, the material we teach you is material we use every day in our business and is always up to date. We teach principles of development that are universally applicable to all areas of app and web development, allowing you to create the perfect foundation for becoming a world class developer or entrepreneur.

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The Educated Machine Team


Micheal Reilly

The founder of Educated Machine, Micheal is a developer of all things Web and App related. He’s an enthusiastic historian during the time he’s not at work, which usually leaves him around 7 minutes a week to indulge in some proper study. He ultimately wants Educated Machine to become a space agency. He also really loves competency in fictional characters.

Darragh Canning

A man who wears many hats. Literally. Figuratively speaking he’s a web developer of some reknown. Darragh went it alone for a long time as the man behind web design outfit Spoogle before joining forces with former rivals Educated Machine. Darragh has a fairly ingenious way of making Porridge and according to our resident photographer he also has an exceptional pair of ankles.

Magdalena Przybylowska

Some people love a good sob story. Magda on the other hand feeds on them. You’ve never seen someone be truly happy until you’ve seen our UX designer take in a tale of woe. Much like Raphael of Turtles fame, Magda is the tough one in Educated Machine though she has yet to master any form of armed combat though she can create a mock up of a website better than any anthropomorphic animal.


John Carbery

Friend to all cats. Designer. Probably the only person you’ll ever meet who’ll defend “Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance” as being a good film. John, unlike his namesake Shaft, isn’t a complicated man. His fingers are usually drenched in ink from one illustration project or another and if you’d like to receive a lecture series about why the original Sega Mega Drive controller is an important piece of art, he’s your man.