Complete List of Courses and Seminars

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Basic Web Design For Business (with HTML & CSS)
A full day hands on workshop showing students how to build a webpage with HTML and CSS. Each student will leave knowing the basics of HTML and CSS and will have an understanding for how the two work together.

An Introduction to WordPress for Business
During this one day workshop, participants will learn about the WordPress Content Management System and it’s ecosystem. Each Participant will leave with an understanding of WordPress and how to get started with building a WordPress website.

Easily run an online subscription or product business
In this one day course we will run through all the different aspects related to selling products or subscriptions online. The course will cover all the details about using and accepting credit cards, connecting with external services, wholesaler access, allowing connections from suppliers, members only areas and running affiliate programs. Each participant will leave with access two complete websites that showcase all the features and items discussed. Every participant can use what they’ve learned and build from the template we give them to kick start there own online company.

Planning A Successful Business Website
A one day workshop designed to help business owners to create a brief for their very own website. During the day they will learn how to spec their website and what features they need.

Websites, Hosting and Domain Names for your Business
Learn to navigate the digital maze that is websites, hosting and domain names. Each participant will understand how to choose the services that they require.

Give your new website a hundred hour head start

Website Management for Business Owners
Learn the basics of website management in this half day workshop. Participants will leave having learned about content strategies, essential maintenance and backups. You’ll also learn about the advantages of training your staff delegating basic website management tasks.

Sell Your Product Anywhere
Learn the basics about building your very own online shop. We teach you how to set up and sell your products or services to a global audience. You’ll also learn about payment gateways to allow you to take payments online.

An Introduction to Programming with Javascript
Learn how to create interactive websites using the Javascript programming language. this is the perfect follow on course from the Basic Webdesign with HTML and CSS.

Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business
Learn how to deliver and craft the message of your company online. We’ll teach you how to navigate all the latest technique and methods for creating amazing content and a killer message that gets shared online. During the course we’ll cover the basics of creating the right images for each social media platform and how to manage social media interactions with customers.

Dive into Marketing Automation and give yourself superpowers
Learn how to clone yourself to do the work of a marketing department. Automate event management, social media, communication, content organisation and much more

How to make a search engine fall in love with your content
SEO is an extensive area. Learn how to master the basics in this half day workshop. Coupled with our Content Generation for Awesome Online Businesses course we can help business create content that gets found.

Web App Development with Python and Django
A 12 week course or one week intensive course designed to get those who are not familiar with web app development but know programming ready to develop their own custom applications. The course is geared around getting someone up to speed on the main features and processes associated with developing a web application and starting a Software as a Service Subscription business.

Making Kickass WordPress Themes Fast
For developers or designer who want to take there skills in creating websites to the next level. During this course you’ll learn to apply and use techniques from UI and UX design, programming, HTML and CSS to build amazing sites on WordPress. In this course you’ll be taken through the entire process of making a theme. The initial design phase, wireframing, mapping out the templates, creating layouts and coding it all up in beautifully modern HTML5 & CSS3.

Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development
For developers who would like to develop plugins for the WordPress CMS. During this course you will learn to program your very own WordPress plugin. You’ll learn about coding standards, the WordPress repository and how version control works.

Essential Online Tools for Business
During this half day workshop we’ll take our participants on a digital journey, showing them tools to help with all aspects of their business including Project Management, Accounts, Automations and Microsoft Office alternatives. Participants will learn how they could save hundreds on the cost of software.

Run your Business from anywhere
In this half day workshop we will walk through the process of managing and running your company from anywhere. We’ll show you how to use different tools to run your company, manage clients, keep up to date with employees and create a system that produces amazing results. This course builds on two previous courses, “essential online tools for business” and “productivity with trello” and is the capstone course in the productivity path to enlightenment.

Productivity with Trello
Learn how to use this remarkably flexible tool to help manage anything! We show you examples of how you can manage projects, meetings, trips away and most areas of your life! In just half a day you can completely transform how you get things done.

Create, Send and Analyse an Awesome email marketing campaign
In this half day workshop we show the participants how to setup an email marketing campaign. We then show them how to collect emails and analysis the data. Coupled with our Content Generation workshop, this is the perfect

Content Generation to make your business kick ass
Content is king. Now more than ever, business owners need to generate content that helps solve their customers problems. During our workshop we go through our content generation process that has helped us create email campaigns, podcasts, online course, blog posts, ebooks and tutorials for our clients and for our own websites.