Life on the Code Command Line


Life on the Code Command Line

So, 6 months ago I graduated from NUI Galway with a degree in Sports & Exercise Engineering. It’s a mixture of Electrical engineering, combined with Human Science and a minor in mechanical engineering. As part of this I studied the computer languages C#, in first year, and Java in both second and fourth year.

I love electronics, I love hardware and I loved the problem solving skills developed from Engineering, but OMG did I hate my programming classes. It was really a love/hate relationship. I loved when my code did what it was meant to do and every week I told myself I was really going to concentrate hard in every lecture and spend time on each Java assignment. However sitting in front of a lecture slide that contained 100 words resulted in me completely switching off.

So every week I left my assignments until the last minute and wrote basic code that would only produce half a solution for the assignment, never putting in huge effort because I had convinced myself that I had other assignments to complete and never had time to sit and mess around with the software. And so time passed, exams came, panic set in, levels of anxiety rose, I promised myself I’d never let this happen again and then the next semester started and I’d begin the same process over and over again.

October 2015 arrived, I was handed my degree and coding was still a mystery to me. I had resigned to the idea that while I really wanted to know how to code, maybe it just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward 6 months and here I am on a beautiful sunny Saturday in April learning another language, python; opening and closing files from the command line and laughing to myself every time Zed Shaw (Author of Learn Python the Hard Way) writes a lolful binary joke amongst his code or a python pun in his Q&A.

The most shocking thing to me about this whole situation was that I suggested it.
I thought I needed someone over my shoulder at all times forcing me to learn or else I’d distract myself as usual, like browsing through and finding a number of services I could pay somebody a fiver to complete for me, or scrolling through the fabulous dresses that I couldn’t afford on ASOS. But as I sat with the office to myself, I got stuck into python, because it was then that I decided I would learn python, offer my new set of skills for a fiver, and buy myself a new dress! I love code!

But that just sums up the effect Educated Machine has. The company is made up of the most fantastic, knowledgeable people. They speak about what they do with such passion and excitement that you can’t help but become hooked to this life on the command line.

I started working here in January 2016 and since I have been immersed into the world of WordPress, beauty bloggers, pixel art, game jams and Macho Man Randy Savage. This is just a small selection from our random channel on slack and I honestly wouldn’t be able to articulate the conversation topics that occur during lunch time, but what I can honestly tell you is that I’ve never been surrounded by such a hard working bunch of people who are willing to support, help, educate and inform you at any time of any day, just by simply sending a DM that reads “got a sec?”

By Laura

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