New Coder on the block


New Coder on the block

A few months ago if someone said coding, html or css to me I would’ve just nod but really not have a clue what sort of foreign language they were talking flash forward to today and I can now say I am addicting to coding and have now found new inspiration in my life. Its opened up a whole new world of possibility, when my beloved and painfully annoying brother asked me to come on board with educated machine last October it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

It been a quite a few years since I graduated from GMIT so to say a lot has changed would be saying it lightly and if I can learn coding anyone can. A computer does a lot more than log onto facebook or a bit of online shopping on payday.  While I’m not quite ready to join my brother in the classroom I’m happy to hide out on the marketing side of things for now, as social media marketing is another bombshell I am attempting to explore. I just recently signed up to hootsuite university which is a great place to manage all social media platforms as there are so many out there check it out its worth a look – hootsuite 

Whatever your ability is on a computer trust me when I say you to can learn wordpress, html, python, css the list goes on if he can teach me he can teach anyone.

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