Welcome to Educated Machine

Educated machine

Welcome to Educated Machine

Hello and Welcome to Educated Machine

We’ve launched our new website, and we are really excited about all the things we can introduce and teach in the coming year. We have some great Web development courses, WordPress one to ones, WordPress beginners courses and advanced WordPress courses. We also cater for bloggers and a wide range of businesses. If you need website help we are here to solve all those problems.

A little Introduction about us

So who are we??. Well we are an educational and Web site development company.  We give courses in modern app and web development. What’s different about us from other course providers is we offer high-intensity courses with the goal that the student wants and will become a developer or entrepreneur. This means all the things we offer are structured around building app and websites straight away, with the minimum use of drag and drop tools that hide away the mechanics of programming and development. We encourage students to bring their own laptops to our courses so every step is covered by the students them selves and not just watched or taken down as notes. We don’t just teach we can develop your perfect site from scratch or improve your current site. We offer a wide range of packages to suit all types of businesses from app development to SEO.


Keep up to date with all of our up and coming courses on our newsletter  Contact us for all web and app development questions follow us on social media and stop by for a chat we love to tweet! We are based in Galway city center and currently bringing our courses country wide.  Follow our social media for more up to date information tweet us your questions or give our facebook a like  follow our regular events and workshops


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