SLIGO: Introduction to Data Science & Analytics with Python



This is the first in a series of workshops

Workshop takes place in the IT Sligo Innovation Center

Date and Time

Wed 19 July 2017 – 10:00am – 17:30pm


This workshop series serves as a practical introduction to Python for data analytics and data science. The first workshop is aimed at introducing all the major items in Python that are used for this type of work. Including the language, the libraries and the concepts.
There is no long powerpoint presentation what we will do though is get a chance to write code on your own laptop straight from the start.
During the full series of workshops, we will learn how to build and design different data analytics models for different businesses and discover how to integrate the result into a web application. You learn different concepts in statistics, machine learning and programming with an understanding of how to use them to effectively solve problems
The only thing you need is a laptop with the main programs installed. See section “What to Install” for more information

What we will cover in the initial workshop


The first workshop in the series is a day-long introduction to the Python Programming Language and the tools for Data Analysis. During this workshop, we will run through all of the major libraries used in Python for Data Science. What there for, the basics of how to use them and what you can build with them.
The idea behind the full day workshop is to help you discover all the new material in one digestible chunk. From there you can decide if its something you want to continue. After the first day, you leave with a knowledge of all of the major topics below. Plus information on additional learning resources.

Topics we’ll cover in the first workshop

  1. Python Programming Language
    1. Variables
    2. Functions
    3. Duck Typing
    4. Iterators
    5. Slicing and Data Input
    6. Imports & Exports
  2. Jupyter & iPython
  3. NumPy and SciPy
  4. Pandas and Matplotlib
  5. Data Munging, API’s and Data Sources
  6. SciKit Learn & Introduction to Machine Learning

Some prior experience with coding is needed since this is not an introduction to programming. If you are unsure of your own level just contact us.

What we will cover in further workshops

In future workshops, you will get the chance to hone your skills in all areas of data science & analytics.
Including learning new concepts and practice solving different coding challenges. After the initial day workshop, the future workshops will be 3 hours long with weekly meetings allowing you to practice your coding skills and review the topics between each class. Additional support will be given on further learning material.

  1. Advanced Python
  2. Using and Building Analytic Application with numpy and pandas
  3. How to analyse different datasets
  4. Git and Source Control
  5. Developing a data science mindset
  6. Intermediate Machine Learning Techniques
    1. Naive Bayes
    2. Regression
    3. Decision Trees
    4. Support vector machine’s
    5. Clustering
    6. Cross-validation
  7. Visualising Data
  8. Basics of Tensorflow and Neural Networks

What can I expect to get out of it?

With the full set of workshops, you will leave with a much larger understanding of every step involved in creating and using code to gather insights for your business or build new analytic models. The workshops allow you to deep dive into certain topics so you can get to grips with not just the tools but the mindset because at the end of this pathway you will leave with a complete understanding of the thought process involved in analysing any new or old datasets. You will also have experienced the process of building multiple actual data analytic applications
See this link for the list of available jobs in just Dublin for data analytics.

What other things can I get

We will also be video recording all of the workshops with all code created during the course freely available to all participants.
And finally if you want to continue your learning with full set of workshops we will also help build for you a custom pathway based on different learning materials from around the web. Allowing you to expand your area of knowledge in the direction you want.


  • Full Day Workshop
  • 4 Weekly Sessions Learning new Concepts
  • Full Day Workshop
  • 4 Weekly Sessions Learning new Concepts
  • Full Day Workshop
  • Full Day Final Workshop

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What to Install

Download and install the Python 3.6 Version


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