Tales from our Random Slack Channel


Tales from our Random Slack Channel

Quick intro for those who don’t know, Slack is the instant messaging service we use at Educated Machine. You can create multiple channels through it where employees can discuss the jobs they’re currently working on and share documents easily. You can also just have a random channel where everybody’s free to dump anything at all. What follows is a digest of our random channel from March 28th to April 10th.



March 29th
Everybody in the office finds their unicorn names, this was very important to all of us and increased productivity. Unicorn names will be listed in parentheses.

March 30th
There was much discussion of Emoji’s and how we could go about creating our own for righteous justice. Then we shared a bunch of memes.

March 31st
Much like Genghis Khan(Windy Delightful Stallion) Slackbot demanded tribute from us first thing in the morning. Thankfully Slackbot didn’t send its horse archers to destroy our city. Everybody got into Ghost, who are a wonderfully melodic metal band from Sweden. They’re quite fond of the Devil and playing dress up.
Ruth(Pansy Blue Lady) was also introduced to the force of nature that is Tommy Wiseau and his magnum opus The Room. She can now join the rest of the office in saying hi to Mark.

April 5th
Macho Madness swept the office as Randy Savage took over the random chat in the wake of Wrestlemania. For those who aren’t aware, Macho Man Randy Savage was a walking art exhibit –cum-pro wrestler who took the world by storm in the 1980s. He never met a cowboy hat he didn’t add sequins to. Space is the place.



April 7th
Sooner or later everybody will have a discussion about voice actor Jennifer Hale, she’s been in everything. Thanks to Darren (Dandelion Blue Legs) today was the day we discussed Jennifer Hale. What can you tell me about the Reapers?

April 8th
After much IRL discussion Japanese Salaryman culture finally made it to Random. Micheal (Apple Jolly Horse) has been toying with the idea of enforcing the Salaryman lifestyle of 90hr work weeks and arranged marriages on us for quite some time. The Salaryman culture of intense work and a utilitarian approach to leisure kept Japan on top of the world economically for quite some time. Our families are ashamed of us in anticipation.

April 9th
39 years after its release Laura (Buttercup Jolly Horse) finally gets into Zork, the pioneering text adventure game developed at MIT. Zork was basically the genesis of the adventure game at a time when computers couldn’t conjure adequate graphics for an epic quest. Game developers would rely on proper prose and the imagination of the player to fill in the gaps and create a unique experience. You interact with the game by typing in commands like “End Paragraph”.

April 10th
Laura lets us know she’s been stuck in the kitchen since Saturday. After a moments reflection we’re all relieved when we realise she’s talking about Zork. I think there’s a monster under the floorboards, hopefully she can handle it.

I create my first emoji and dump it into random, fittingly. More to come!

John (Sunflower Blue Mane)

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