Random Slack chat channel Vol 2


Random Slack chat channel Vol 2

The second instalment from our slack chat channel in the office aptly named “Random” if you are a little lost and wondering what is this magical channel all is revealed in our first blog post slack channel digest vol 1

April 13th There is much talk of buying lady pens and spaceship shaped chocolate moulds. Neither of these lofty ambitions are realised.

Darren uploaded a shot of my screen after I abandoned my workstation to do something or other. As you can see from the shot itself, its all My Little Pony stuff. I have no excuses, only shame. If you read the last Slack blog you’ll notice I was doing unicorn art at the time. I swear I don’t own a fedora and I shave my neck regularly

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April 14th. Laura was regailing the rest of us with her journey to the captial for a business engagement. She tells us they have trams that run around the city as if powered by magic. In her absence the other members of the Educated Machine team are left to ponder what wonderful adventures she must be taking part in, while we are left back at the farm.

April 18th The Educated Machine team are invited to take part in a major European dance competition despite none of us having danced before on an amateur or professional competition level. I, John, have seen both Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo though and I hear tell that Darren once lived in a gaff that had a few Madonna cd’s lying about the place that the former tenants forgot to bring with them. So who knows, maybe we’ve got a shot? We can all do the saftey dance at the very least.

Micheal wanted us to come up with dancer names just in case we decided to take part alas this endeavour wasn’t as successful as our unicorn name hunt.

April 19th. The guttural grinding ambience of breast pump sounds were introduced to the slack chat after much discussion in office. Micheal happened upon the dirge itself after youtube had recommended it to him as he likes to listen to ambient soundscapes while studying. The noise coming from a breast pump though sounds like a broken chainsaw and at best has made members of the office feel uneasy and at worst reduced them to a cringeball.

April 21st Micheal informed us all that jam and keyboards don’t mix. Rick Wakeman has yet to retort.

April 26th The word “hun” appears in the chat for the first but not last time. A “hun” is, according to Ruth, a human with pleasing physical features that one can project an unrealisticly pleasant personality upon. Once this is achieved you can spend the afternoon fantasising about the kind of perfect life you’d have with them when you both inevitably settle down, in Westport or somewhere like that.

April 27th A star based rating system is introduced to the slack chat to reward someone for working too hard. No one has gotten one yet because we’re all too lazy and don’t work hard enough.

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