Annette Doran
Via Facebook

Michael delivered a really practical and useful course in WP. Took the mystery out of a lot the "how to's" with lots of tips along the way. Highly recommended! PS Great breakfast by the way!

Rose Barrett
Get west

Did a WordPress course with educated machine. While there was a mix of abilities in the room everyone was catered for. Michael has a great delivery style, friendly & engaging. He manages to make the information accessible & relevant with lots of real life examples. Would highly recommend them, great team.

Liam & Caroline Whelan,
A Room Outside

We are a small family run business and we employed Micheal to set up a website for us.We found him to be so helpful and knowledgeable in helping us set up this site. His attention todetail and advice were second to none. Our site is up and running for several months nowand Micheals aftersales service has been excellent. We would highly recommend Micheal. Liam & Caroline Whelan, A Room Outside

Anthea Middleton

I can’t recommend Micheal’s web development course highly enough. He goes through the technical side of web development in great detail with constant interactive exercises to ensure it is never dull. He was extremely helpful with any level of question and very approachable. I came out of the course with a thorough understanding of the principles and have since gone on to form my own web development company

Diarmuid O Fatharta

I took the Introduction to Web Development class during the summer. The reason being was that I would be starting a web development module as a part of my course the following academic year. I’m really happy that I did as it gave me a good foundation of knowledge to work on. We covered a range of topics such as HTML, CSS, Java, Python and much more. Classes were pretty much “hands-on” and you got to see the result of your work by the end of the class.I liked how practical the class was as I was never bored and was constantly working on the task at hand. I enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in learning about web development. Diarmuid O Fatharta

Mark Reilly via facebook
Game Stop

Brilliant courses and helpful staff. Would recommend highly

Max Lauth via facebook
Strength Coach/Sport Rehab Therapist at Maximum Result

Did a Wordpress course with Micheal, knew nothing about blogging or Wordpress before. Learnt HEAPS. Informative & engaging

Billy Delaney
Third Year Energy Systems Engineering Student

found the Introduction to Web Development course extremely beneficial. I entered the course with a very basic understanding of code. Understanding the web and how it works is essential to all people across all professions today. This course allowed me to explore four key elements of the web, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python. Surplus to learning how these functioned, Michael explained how they worked together to make the websites we use today, disassembling websites such as Facebook, Google and Ebay. Micheáls interest in what you do and ideas you may have is genuine and his ability to tailor the course to suit individual needs benefited me greatly.

Leanne Barrett
Program Manager

Micheal has been delivering our Erris Programming for Kids Training for the past two semesters. It has been a pleasure working with Micheal and he has a great relationship with the kids who attend. To us regular folk, coding is a complex language and tough to understand, he breaks it down into very simple terms in a way the kids can understand and relate to. He makes the content fun and interesting and on an early Saturday morning was able to keep the kids attention!