Three important questions to ask yourself before you begin developing your app!


Three important questions to ask yourself before you begin developing your app!

The buzz from generating exciting new ideas is priceless. The possibilities seem endless and when you have a great idea for a piece of art, new software or an innovative business strategy it can be hard to stop and take care of the fundamental items that will provide a solid foundation for your work to thrive upon. If you have an idea for an app that you’re convinced will change your world and improve the experience of your users then we implore you to consider the following questions that will help keep your dreams on track.

Who is your audience?

It’s important to figure out early on who you’re building this app for. What size would its audience be? Has someone else got to this idea/market before you and if so what can you do to improve upon it? Do the people who seek the kind of solutions you’re hoping to offer pay for software? Its a good idea to perform as much research as possible on the people you hope to reach with your idea. Get to know their habits, their wants and their dreams. More people now than ever before rely on mobile technology to help them organise their lives both professionally and personally and it’s up to you to figure out how you can positively augment their current experience with your new killer app.

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Why am I building this?

You can have dozens of reasons for building an app. Do you want to make money or are you going to provide a service for free? Either are acceptable but both come with separate motivations. Are you building this app for your business and if so how is it going to change your day to day operations? What is the ultimate pay off you’re looking for from your investment of time and skill? It’s important to set measured goals ahead of any large project and asking yourself these kinds of questions will allow you to set a series of checks and balances that will keep you and your project on track and get you over the finish line.

How am I going to get this done?

If you’re seriously pursuing the development of an app you’re aware a wide base of skills will be needed to bring the software to fruition. The amount of languages and technologies needed to produce a worthy product might seem daunting at first but there are learning paths available that can bring just about anybody with the drive and determination to get their product into the pockets of users up to speed and on the path to seeing their idea realised. If you’d like to learn about the paths available you can check out our previous blog posts or better yet join our mailing lists to be kept up to date on our seminars where we’ll highlight the way forward for anybody looking to learn.


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